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International Awareness

& Involvment

Chair | Soror Simone Butler

Co-Chair | Soror Audrey Peterson

Human Trafficking Forum 2024

MAC IAIC Human Trafficking Awareness Registration Flyer 2024 FINALv1.jpg

SERVICE in the community...

The International Awareness and Involvement (IAI) Committee, a programmatic thrust is responsible for developing and promoting activities designed to impact international awareness. We shall develop annual goals based upon the needs assessment of the community and directives of our National Headquarters. We shall also implement programs designed to impact international awareness within the Chapter's service area. Some of our projects involve sponsoring events that recognize World AIDS Day (see photo to right), educating the Community via our annual Human Trafficking Forum and providing support to the Delta Sigma Theta Elementary School (Cynthia M. A. Butler-McIntyre Campus) in Haiti.

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